Who we are
CyberLearning Innovation and Research Center (CIRC) is an SAS center whose primary goal is to enhance both the faculty and student experience at Rutgers University.  One of our many approaches is to help enable educators to respond to learner needs and empower students to customize and shape their experience here at the University. 

What we do
Our focus is on innovation, whether it's in writing code, soldering electronics or printing a 3D tool. We are always be a forefront of research and development in order to make education technology a better experience for everyone.  
Below are some examples of our ideas coming to life.

Augmented Reality in Education Glassboard
Rutgers'  CyberLearning Innovation and Research Center is developing a new way for students to learn about Augmented Reality, or AR. The way AR works is that you can hover a smart phone over an object and watch it come to life using a 3D Augmented Reality App or you can see a video by using a page from a textbook.


Online learning is part of the future of education. Find out how Rutgers’ CyberLearning Innovation and Research Center is working to make the experience more engaging for students by using new technology that allows instructors to face students on camera, while appearing to write and draw in midair. See it in action. (Read More)